1989 Rock: AC/DC: ‘Black in Black’

Hello and welcome to the Rock n Coasters podcast; I am one of your hosts, Michele Forto. This year we are doing something new we are going to talk about the top rock albums of the year and share some cool facts from back in time. These short, bite-sized episodes should be perfect for a quick listen and, who knows, might spur your interest in checking out some new tunes.

Ahhh, the start of the 1980s. There were a lot of firsts top pop culture aside from big hair, shoulder pads, and DEVO.

Up first, the Pennsylvania Lottery was rigged by six men, including the host of the live TV drawing, Nick Perry.

The Killer Clown (John Wayne Gacy Jr.) was sentenced to death for the murder of 33 boys and young men between 1972 and 1978.

And Mark David Chapman shot and killed former Beatles member John Lennon outside Lennon’s residence at the Dakota, in NYC.

The price of a loaf of bread in 1980: was 50 cents, the Price of a gallon of gas in 1980: was $1.22, an Etch-A-Sketch: was $4.97, and since we have mentioned it several times before, the cost of a Superbowl ad in 1980: $222,000.

Also, Whole Foods was founded in Austin, Texas. CNN began broadcasting from Atlanta, Georgia. And outer space changed as we knew it with the launch of The Voyager 1 probe confirming the existence of Janus, a moon of Saturn.

The Quotes

Striker: “Surely you can’t be serious?!”
Rumack: “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.”
– Robert Hays and Leslie Nielsen, in Airplane!

“No, I am your father.” (NOT Luke, I am your father)
-Darth Vader, to a surprised Luke Skywalker

Let’s jump into the top rock album of the year.

1980: AC/DC, ‘Back in Black’

There were high hopes for Brian Johnson, who came on board AC/DC after the death of Bon Scott, but did anyone expect that his arrival would signify one of the biggest-selling albums in rock history? With the help of producer Mutt Lange, AC/DC crafted a timeless rock album filled with rock staples. There’s the iconic guitar work on “Back in Black,” the undeniable sing-along quality of “You Shook Me All Night Long,” the dark and foreboding “Hells Bells,” and the anthemic “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution.” Even deeper cuts like “Given the Dog a Bone,” “Shoot to Thrill,” and “Have a Drink on Me” have all become favorites over the years. In 1980, no other album could touch this AC/DC classic.

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