1971 Rock: Led Zeppelin ‘IV’

1971 rock led zepplin iv

Hello and welcome to the Rock n Coasters podcast, I am one of your hosts, Michele Forto. To kick off the new year we are starting something new every week. We are going to talk about the top rock albums of the year and share some cool facts from back in time. Sit back kids, this is going to be a wild ride.

1971, the year my husband and producer of this podcast, Robert was born. Did you know in 1971 television and radio ads for cigarettes were banned in America, and Flintstones based Fruity Pebbles, Ice Cream Pebbles, and Cocoa Pebbles breakfast cereals were introduced by Post Foods. The most popular names were Jennifer, Michelle, Lisa, Kimberly, Amy, Michael, James, David, John, Robert. Huh… Robert and Michelle, go figure. I would know tons of people with those names in high school!


“Is it live or is it Memorex?”
– Memorex

“You deserve a break today.”
– McDonald’s

Let’s get to the music shall we. Just like in 1970 Led Zeppelin ruled the world and this year IV was the top album. This is the album that I would bet most were introduced to by Zepp.

1971: Led Zeppelin, ‘Led Zeppelin IV’

Led Zeppelin quickly established themselves as a force in rock with a pair of stellar efforts in 1969. But their brilliance was most recognized for their fourth studio album, the untitled yet often referred to ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ or ‘ZoSo.’ Most rock fans know every song by heart. The A-side featured the instantly recognizable “Black Dog” and the rock anthem “Rock and Roll,” before veering into more mystical territory with “The Battle of Evermore” and “Stairway to Heaven.” The back end was more muscular in sound, with “Misty Mountain Top” and “Four Sticks,” leading into the hypnotic “Going to California” and ending with the crushing “When the Levee Breaks.” It’s one of those discs where every song is worthy of your attention and music fans seemed to agree, with the album being certified 23 times platinum.

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